The doctor who saved a young American girl from a life of misery

Gary Kracoff - The doctor who saved a young American girl from a life of misery

Gary Kracoff – The doctor who saved a young American girl from a life of misery

When aged 11, Caroline weighed barely 62 pounds and it should have been at 90 pounds had she been a normal, healthy girl. She had appetite problems and often had intestinal cramping. Something was wrong with her bowel, her and her family believed, and yet no doctor or no body could seem to help fix the problems.

But after sending her to specialists in Boston, modifying her diet, increasing fiber and taking priobiotics, nothing seemed to be helping. Many tests were carried out for allergies but it seemed Caroline was a normal, healthy girl.

Eventually her parents found luck – they were recommended to visit a specialist, Dr Gary Kracoff. He suggested some alternatives – supplements and homeopathic When there is no more debt association it changes from how do you check your credit score for free to money due to our casino pa natet current laws. treatments, as well as a specialized probiotic. Despite not having much hope for change, Caroline saw changes within 2 days and over the next few months things got even better and is now aged 12 and feeling what it feels to be a completely healthy 12 year old girl.

In this case the actions of the doctor ultimately saved the youngster from a lifetime of constant pain and trips to the hospital, which in the parents eyes, and hopefully any other normal person, were of such brilliant consequences. Dr Kracoff become an instant hero to Caroline and her parents – and rightly so. Without his advice she might have still been suffering with her issues, but thankfully his advice helped her to turn her life around.

Sometimes it seems that people who work within the medical profession need to save a life to be labelled as a hero. But I don”t feel that that should always be the case. In this instance the doctor has given the child a chance to have a normal, happy life again, and this really can”t be over estimated. A truely heroic act, if ever there was one.


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