My Hero – Sachin The Legend




It is no wonder that the name Sachin creates a vibration among people interested in cricket. He is praised as the God of cricket. I have developed interest towards watching cricket only because of the batting style of this legend. His appearance and attitude in the ground are appealing and it catche  the attention of the entire crowd where least priority is given to all the other players present in the ground. He remains as the unchallenged personality in the field of cricket and he is the unavoidable name in sports. He inspires a lot of youth and being elected as a member of the parliamentary standing committee on information and technology shows the respect given to him by the whole nation.

Sachin is star icon and he appears only in the advertisement that does not cause any harm to people. His sponsorship program extends without boundaries and he is aiding a number of charity organizations for the welfare and education of children. He makes me smile not only with his bat but through all his actions and so he is the only wall poster in my living room.


Kumarpal Shah









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