A special group of people

Akas, Brendon, Jack, Shannon,Melissa, Karla, Kim - my friends

Akas, Brendon, Jack, Shannon,Melissa, Karla, Kim – my friends

During my life I have had so many heroes.
Starting with my beloved parents, my two sisters and my brother, my grandparents and all my teachers, all of them have participated at my formation as a real educated person.
With all these, there are also a bunch of heroes I have to mention.
They are my colleagues. Starting with the little one from the left corner, their names are: Akas, Brendon, Jack, Shannon, Melissa, Karla, Kim and, in the bottom right corner, there is me (the blonde girl). All seven of them are part of my life now. We are a Giocare online senza fare particolare attenzione alla scelta del migliori casinos , trascurando l’aspetto della sicurezza, e lasciandosi probabilmente abbagliare da bonus ed omaggi, e un errore che la maggior parte dei giocatori sa di non potersi permettere il lusso di commettere. solid group and I think we will remain like this for the rest of our lives. These 7 people have taught me a lot of valuable things and I have to thank them for being such supporting friends, and for making my life more interesting and more adventurous. So thank you guys!

They are all my heroes and I love them.











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