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Anyone can be your hero! Someone that inspires you, someone that helped you in need or just someone that smiled at you and made your day better. Write your story and reveal your hero to the rest of the world. Let everyone discover our shining starts that walk among us.


1. It’s important to add your hero’s first and last name

2. Your story has to be at least 100 words long and has not been posted anywhere before

3. It’s important to have your hero’s picture while your picture is optional. You have to have legal rights to those pictures.

4. You can have more than one hero in your story/picture.

5. If your story has not been posted in a week, please contact us and we will explain why.

6. Your story has to be true

7. Stories with excessive grammatical errors wont be posted.

8. Do not write any information that could harm yours or your heros privacy or security.

9. If you have any questions please contact us at our CONTACT PAGE

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